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Equivalent Army Ranks

The following is a table of equivalent ranks between the German Army, British Army and Waffen SS - some ranks do not have a direct equivalent - American ranks will be similar to the British ones.
German Army Waffen SS British Army
Gemeiner, Landser Schütze Private
Grenadier Sturmmann Lance Corporal
Gefreiter Rottenführer Corporal
Obergefreiter Unterscharführer  
Unteroffizier Scharführer Sergeant
Unterfeldwebel Oberscharführer Colour Sergeant
Oberfeldwebel Hauptscharführer Sergeant Major
Stabsfeldwebel Hauptbereitschaftsleiter  
  Sturmscharführer Warrant Officer
Leutnant Untersturmführer Second Lieutenant
Oberleutnant Obersturmführer First Lieutenant
Hauptmann Hauptsturmführer Captain
Major Sturmbannführer Major
Oberstleutnant Obersturmbannführer Lieutenant Colonel
Oberst Standartenführer Colonel
  Oberführer Brigadier
Generalmajor Brigadeführer Major General
Generalleutnant Gruppenführer Lieutenant General
General Obergruppenführer General
Generaloberst Oberstgruppenführer  
Generalfeldmarschall Riechsführer-SS Field Marshal




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