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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations

There are 303 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
The oath of allegiance to Hitler sworn by the German Army
Fall Gelb
Case Yellow - Operational code name for the German invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium and France
Fall Gruen
Case Green - Operational code name for the intended German military invasion of Czechoslovakia
Fall Rot
Case Red - Operational code name for counterstrike against France in the event of an attack on Germany from the West
Fall Weiss
Case White - Operational code name for the German invasion of Poland
French Comittee of National Liberation
German military police
"Field Grey" - term used to describe the ordinary German soldier - from the colour of his tunic.
Operational code name for the German plan to capture Gibraltar in 1941
French Forces of the Interior
Fremde Heere - German intelligence evaluation service
Fremde Heere Ost - German intelligence evaluation service - eastern section
Fremde Heere West - German intelligence evaluation service - western section
Final Solution
Name given to the German policy of genocide of the Jewish population
"Fish Trap" - Operational code name for the German counter attack on the Allied beachead at Anzio in February 1944
Code name for the assassination attempt on Hitler by the Schwarze Kapelle in March 1943 - where a bomb was placed on Hitler's aircraft.
Flat Top
Nickname for aircraft carrier
Operational code name for the US invasion of the Marshall Islands in January 1944
Operational code name for the US invasion of the Mariana Islands in June 1944
The intelligence service of the Luftwaffe
Operational code name for the Allied deception operations prior to the invasion of Normandy
First US Army Group - a fictitious army group under the command of General Patton which appeared to be based in south-east England prior to the Normandy landings and was intended to give the impression that the Allies were due to invade France via the Pas de Calais
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