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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations

There are 303 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Mediterranean Allied Air Force
Mediterranean Air Command
Code name for US code breaking operations against the Japanese
Maginot Line
Series of sophisticated French fortifications positioned along France's eastern borders consisting of steel and concrete anti-tank emplacements and pillboxes
German armed anti-nazi resistance group, named after the MAN engineering works in Bavaria
Manhattan Project
Cover name (actually 'Manhattan Engineer District') for the development of the atomic bomb in the USA
Name given to groups of the French Resistance (after a type of foliage in Corsica, behind which resistance fighters on the island used to hide)
Operational code name for the German attack on Greece in April 1941
Market Garden
Operational code name for the Allied operation intended to establish a bridgehead across the river Rhine at the town of Arnhem in the Netherlands
Operational code name for Allied operations at Dakar - September 1940
"Mercury" - Operational code name for the German air attacks on Crete - April 1941
Message Personnels
System used to communicate with members of the Resistance on the European mainland from Britain by using coded messages broadcast on BBC radio
British security service responsible for national security matters within the United Kingdom
British security service, otherwise known as the Secret Intelligence Service, responsible for collecting foreign intelligence relating to national security
British service responsible for assisting escaped prisoners of war
Paramilitary police force of Vichy France (Milice Francaise)
Operational code name for the RAF bombing of Cologne - May 1942
Operational code name for British deception operation in April 1943 where false operational plans were planted on a corpse and left floating off the coast of Spain - The Germans intercepted and believed the plans, which gave the impression that an Allied invasion of Greece was iminent, whereas the real invasion was planned for Sicily
British device used on aircraft to fool German radar into seeing far more aircraft than actually existed
Motor Transport
Motor Torpedo Boa
Mediterranean Theatre of Operations
Transportable floating harbours constucted from hollow concrete, towed to the D-Day landing sites and used to offload equipment and supplies during the Normandy landings
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