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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations

There are 303 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
An abbreviation for 'National Sozialistiche Deutsche Arbeitpartei' the NSDAP, literally translated means National Socialist German Workers Party.
Operational code name for the Allied D-Day Normandy beach landings - the naval assault phase of Operation Overlord
Nest Egg
Operational code name for the British re-occupation of the Channel Islands - May 1945
Naval Intelligence Division
Narodni Komissarat Vnutrennykh Del - Soviet People's Comissariat of Internal Affairs - the predecessor to the KGB, the Soviet internal security organisation
Operational code name for Allied air attacks on German V-weapons sites in 1944.
"Northern Lights" - Operational code name for the German attack on Leningrad in 1942
"North Wind" - Operational code name for the German offensive in the Alsace - Winter 1944/45
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