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Glossary of WW2 terms and abbreviations

There are 303 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Sturmabteilungen - "Storm Troopers" - Hitler's unofficial army of thugs (aka Brownshirts) - disbanded after the blood purge of 1934
Schwarze Kapelle
"Black Orchestra" - term used to describe a group of conspirators within the German Army who plotted to overthrow Hitler. The Schwarze Kapelle came close to assassinating Hitler on July 20th 1944.
Sicherheitsdienst - "Security Department" - The Nazi Party security service, intelligence gathering and counter-espionage wings of the RSHA headed by Reinhard Heydrich
South East Asia Command (Allies)
Operational code name for the planned German assault on Great Britain in 1940/41
Supreme Headquartes Allied Expeditionary Force
Operational code name for the Allied landings at Anzio - January 1944
Servizio Informazioni Militari - the Italian military intelligence agency
Operational code name for a planned Allied invasion of France in 1942
Special Operations Executive - British organisation responsible for training and co-ordinating the operations of partisan groups in occupied countries
Schutzstaffeln - "Protection Units" - The principal elite organisation of the Nazi party which consisted of the Allgemeine (General) SS and Waffen (Armed) SS, the latter forming military divisions as part of the Wehrmacht. The SS also included organisations such as the RSHA.
The highest political-military authority of the Soviet Union
Code name for the D-Day landing beaches of Lion-sur-Mer - June 1944
Code name for the Allied conference at Casablanca - January 1943
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